Sharp stone chips 1-8 mm

One of the most sought-after varieties of fine fraction chips is the sharp stone chips. The building materials produce from a granite array by exploding the rock, crushing and prospecting the prepared masses.


The main difference between the material and other types of crushed stone is its special form and size of fractions, which are distinguished by fine grain and have a characteristic cube-like shape.


Scope of application
As a rule, the sharp stone chips in Tashkent use as the primary building material for the following works:
– fastening of the floors,
– concrete-laying of open areas,
– asphalting of roads and pavements.


Sharp stone chips with a fraction size of 1-8 mm is an excellent connecting material providing the highest strength and almost perfect smoothness of the concrete coating. Due to the significant turnover of the material, the maximum filling of all voids achieved positively affects the surface’s strength characteristics.

Crushed stone increasingly use in the laying of gravel in road construction.


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