Sale of nonmetallic materials: sand, klinets, crushed stone with delivery in Tashkent and Tashkent region


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Delivery to your facility

Our fleet has a large range of vehicles for the transport of various goods to the location you specified.

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Term guarantee

Years of experience and a high level of organization of the process make it possible to deliver the goods on time.

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Affordable prices

Extensive experience in the production of building materials helps us to obtain products, spending on its production less time and resources.

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Always available

All our products are mined in large quantities. Well-established production system does not keep customers waiting for their order.


*prices include delivery


Klinez (1-8 mm)


Washed sand


Clay sand


Crushed stone (5-20 mm)


Crushed stone (40-70 mm)


Crushed stone (0.1-8 mm)


Gravel (1-15 cm)


Gravel (5-40 cm)


Cobblestone (20-35 cm)

About Us

We are a reliable construction partner in the supply and supply of non-metallic building materials. Our company employs dedicated professionals who are always ready to advise on all your questions. We always listen to feedback on our work and try to improve service for our clients as soon as possible.

Our services

Extraction of nonmetallic materials

Production of non-metallic building materials begins with the development of the area where the mining operations will take place. Then we send the extracted raw materials to the plant, where it goes through several stages of processing, so that you receive a high-quality final product.

Delivery of nonmetallic materials

Our company provides delivery of non-metallic materials in Tashkent and the Tashkent region. We provide uninterrupted supply of customers with high quality material in an unlimited amount. All products comply with state standards and are subject to additional control on our part, regardless of the volume of the ordered batch.




+998 97 333 08 00


Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent city, Yunus-Obod 17 sq., industrial zone.

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