Sand washed

The washed sand is one of the most common materials in construction and demand in other activity fields. Sand washed is widely sought in Tashkent.


General description of the product
The washed sand extracts openly. The application of modern hydromechanical techniques produces quarry or river material. The sand has a homogeneous structure, and the mass fraction of the smallest particles of clay, dust, all kinds of impurities (roots, algae, etc.) does not exceed 0.03% of the total mass of the extracted substance.

In terms of quality and operational characteristics, the quarry washed sand is practically the same as the river-like sand. At the same time, it is possible to buy sand washed quarry in Tashkent at a more profitable and affordable price, especially if you make the right choice and use the services of Pesok.


Scope of application
– concrete works;
– manufacture of building materials;
– road construction, etc.


Simple solution
It is required to request by contacting the company’s manager by telephone order and on favorable terms to buy washed sand in Tashkent in the quantities necessary for carrying out the planned work. The experienced specialist will help to process all the required documents and supervise all stages of the transaction!


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