Gravel 1-15 sm

Gravel with sizes of fractions from 1 to 15 cm belongs to small and medium-size bulk materials. In nature, it formed as a result of the natural destruction of mountain ranges. Crumbled parts are ground and polished in natural conditions. As a result, separate fractions formed, which have a rounded and more smooth shape.


Scope of application
Gravel extracts from mixtures with sand. Such a rock is far from always homogeneous; a certain percentage of sandy impurities is still present.

Use the gravel 1-15 cm in Tashkent to perform a wide range of construction and finishing work, depending on the material’s physical and mechanical, and operational parameters.


The best choice
It recommends buying gravel 1-5 cm in Tashkent to perform various construction works, produces concrete mixtures, and design and landscape work.

In the catalog on the Pesok company website, there are various gravel samples with the specified size of fractions. Each client can carefully study the material, read the characteristics, and make a good order.


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