Crushed stone 20-70 mm

In addition to sand, crushed stone is at the top of the list of the most demanded materials in various types of construction works.

The manufacturers manufacture crushed stone from different materials – granite, gravel, or limestone for the complete satisfaction of users’ requests. Equally crucial in construction and material fraction sizes.


Scope of application
Crushed stone 20-70 mm in Tashkent is a category of medium- and large-scale material used in the preparation of the grounds for concrete of territories or pavement of roads. The material is irreplaceable in constructing massive concrete structures, forming airfield surfaces, and in other cases where required maximum strength of textures and materials.


The chipping structure includes some rock elements that significantly enhance the strength characteristics. Mica, veneers, quarts, and other frozen magma components ensure increased rigidity, resistance to high and low temperatures, humidity, etc.


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