Crushed chippings 0,1-8 mm

Crushed stone with a fraction size of not more than 8 mm is a building material produced by grinding and sifting different rock types. An article is a loose product with a defined fraction size.


Crushed stone of 0.1-8 mm in Tashkent is used widely in various construction work types as the primary structural material. A single stone (grain) can use in the excavation work. The industry standards and TU define requirements for the quality of its application’s product and peculiarities to produce outcomes.


Basic parameters
Before a final decision can make and a crushed material of 0.1-8 mm in Tashkent, the material’s technical and operational parameters must assess. The leading indicators are cold resistance and durability.

The crushed stone cutting is used mainly in support work, land planning, excavation, roadside, etc.


Where to buy material
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