Clay sand

Clay sand is a kind of non-metallic bulk material widely used in various types of construction work. A characteristic feature of this material is a high content of clay particles – fine-grained sedimentary rock. In the dry state, the clay has a dusty composition, and when moistened, becomes plastic and even vicious.


Scope of application
Clay sand in Tashkent uses several construction materials, a wide range of excavation works, landscaping, etc.

The presence of clay impurities in the sand significantly changes the color of bulk material – from light red to dark brown, brown, reddish. Numerous shades of sand allow its use in the decoration and landscaping of territories.


Rocks varieties
The primary binding agent in clay sands is:
– clay (the content of clay fraction is more than 30%);
– loam soil (from 10 to 30%);
– sandy loam (up to 3 to 10%).


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